Uppeee Staking Platform

The Uppeee staking platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, offering a seamless staking experience for the community members. The platform has implemented a feature that makes soft staking free, allowing users to stake their NFTs without incurring any upfront costs. Users will only need to pay gas fees when claiming their rewards.

Staking rewards for GrumpyPandaz and PandaCubz NFTs are as follows:

  • GrumpyPandaz: Soft staking rewards 25 UPC, Hard staking rewards 60 UPC
  • PandaCubz: Soft staking rewards 30 UPC, Hard staking rewards 70 UPC
  • Legendary NFTs: 10x rewards multiplier

Here’s an overview of the Uppeee staking platform features:

  1. Soft Staking (Free): Users can stake their NFTs without transferring them out of their wallets. Rewards are earned in real-time, and unclaimed rewards are attached to the NFT, transferring with it if the NFT is sold. Users will only need to pay gas fees when claiming their rewards.
  2. Hard Staking: Users lock their NFTs in the StakingVault and earn rewards in real-time. There is no lock-up period, allowing users to unstake their NFTs at any time. A small gas fee is required when claiming rewards.

By offering a free soft staking option and flexible staking methods, the Uppeee staking platform aims to encourage participation and engagement within the community, supporting the growth and development of the Uppeee ecosystem. The platform’s user-friendly approach and rewarding system make it an attractive choice for users looking to make the most out of their NFT holdings.

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