Season 1 overview

In the inaugural season of the Uppeee ecosystem, we are introducing exciting opportunities for NFT holders within our GrumpyPandaz and PandaCubz collections.


  • Total Supply: 4,200 NFTs
  • Earning Rate: Each GrumpyPandaz NFT staked earns 75 UppeeeCoin (UPC) per day.


  • Current Supply: 1,700 NFTs
  • Earning Rate: PandaCubz NFTs staked earn 95 UppeeeCoin (UPC) per day, providing a higher earning potential.

In addition to these fundamental earning structures, Season 1 will also introduce new, dynamic rewards. These rewards are designed to add an extra layer of excitement and engagement for the community. Special attention will be given to NFTs with unique traits, offering additional rewards and incentives for these rare and distinctive NFTs. This approach not only acknowledges the uniqueness of each NFT but also encourages active participation and interest in the NFT market.

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