MetaKartz: The Premier Racing Experience in the Uppeee Ecosystem

MetaKartz positions itself as the flagship Play-to-Earn (P2E) game within the Uppeee Ecosystem, offering an exhilarating 3D multiplayer kart racing experience. This game, still in the preliminary stages of development, promises to bring a unique blend of fun, competition, and blockchain integration.

Integration with Blockchain and NFTs

  • Playable NFT Characters: MetaKartz stands out by integrating NFTs from collections like GrumpyPandaz, PandaCubz, PolarBearz, and more to be announced. These NFTs serve as unique in-game characters, each with its own set of attributes and advantages, such as increased acceleration, better handling, and various bonuses.
  • Uniqueness and Personalization: Thanks to the unique nature of each NFT, every player in MetaKartz will have a distinct gaming character, ensuring a personalized gaming experience.

Gameplay Mechanics and UPC Integration

  • Collecting UppeeeCoins (UPC): The game incorporates UPC in its gameplay, allowing players to collect these tokens throughout the race tracks and by winning races and challenges.
  • Strategic and Competitive Racing: The unique attributes of each NFT character add a strategic layer to the races, where players must utilize their character’s strengths to outmaneuver opponents and emerge victorious.

A Community-Centric Gaming Experience MetaKartz is more than just a racing game; it’s a community-driven experience that leverages blockchain technology to offer a new dimension of gameplay. Players can expect a vibrant, competitive, and rewarding environment where they can race, earn, and enjoy the thrill of kart racing like never before.

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