Meta has created a team dedicated to AI

Mark Zuckerberg has announced via a Facebook post that a new team at Meta will focus on generative artificial intelligence experiences.
This team will create “bots” that assist users in utilizing Meta’s apps and services, such as text chat and photo creation on Instagram.

The post states that this high-level product group at Meta will use generative AI to enhance their work in the field. Their focus will be on developing AI-powered chatbots that help people in various ways, including experiences with text, images, videos, and multi-modal interfaces.

Meta’s new approach to their products will explore a sector that ChatGPT has already given a strong push to, with companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Snapchat also working on generative artificial intelligence experiences.

While this is not a new venture for Meta, as they have already launched two chatbots – Galactica and Blenderbot – the results were not as impressive as they had hoped. This is why Meta has brought together various teams to create a more cohesive approach. The new AI team will be led by Ahmad Al-Dahle, Meta’s Vice President for AI and Machine Learning, who previously worked in Apple’s Special Projects team, according to Axios.


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