Gary Vee announce ‘Burn Island’

Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT collection, VeeFriends, has announced the launch of “Burn Island,” an innovative universe that combines storytelling and functionality. This new addition to the VeeFriends World aims to bring brand value and community interaction to VeeFriends holders, allowing them to burn NFTs in exchange for access to events, physical rewards, virtual rewards, and rare NFTs. The burning of NFTs also implements deflationary token mechanics, making it an engaging way to reward and surprise VeeFriends holders.

The launch of Burn Island is built on the goal of expanding the project and intellectual property, and it includes VeeFriends BOOK GAMES, a Layer 2 NFT created by Vee that links to his bestselling book, “Twelve and a Half.” Burn Island eruptions require certain NFT collections, rarities, or a combination of both to be able to burn for the prize listed. The “Burn Island” activations have start and end dates, with the requirements listed sequentially to avoid overlapping.

The first “Burn Island” eruption is set to begin on Feb. 21, 2023, and will last until March 2, 2023.

VeeFriends NFT holders will be the primary participants, and they must register on the VeeFriends website for a VeeFriends account to take part in the “Burn Island” eruptions.

VeeFriends is a collection of NFTs centered on characters created and drawn by Gary Vaynerchuk himself. The collection includes over 10,000 NFTs in the first series and 55,555 NFTs in VeeFriends Series 2, with a total of 251 characters. The characters in the collection reflect the various characteristics Vaynerchuk admires and believes will lead to happiness and success.

Overall, the launch of Burn Island is an exciting development for VeeFriends NFT holders as it offers new opportunities for increased rarity and engaging experiences while also implementing deflationary token mechanics.

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